Edye Second Space

  • technical specifications

The Edye Second Space is a fully equipped 1,849 sq. foot black box theater located at the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center.

To receive more information about renting the Edye for your event, please take a moment to fill out our brief Contact Form. Once we have received your information, our Events Staff will contact you back to discuss the details of your proposed rental.

Performance Space:

The Edye is 43’ by 43’. There is no stage. Chairs are on the floor and on risers.

The performance area with platform risers for seating is:

20’ w x 31’ 1” with ground row chairs and

25’ w x 34’ 1” with no chairs on floor.


For audio we have an M7 board running crown amps over Renkis-Hines speakers. It’s set up to be very flexible, but please note that there is no setup for surround sound, only stereo.


The projection screen is 8’6” tall x 11’ wide and can be operated from the booth. With the bottom of the screen about 7’ above the floor there should be no sightline issues. The projector is a Sanyo PLC XP50/L.

Further information about the Edye Second Space’s technical specifications can be found here.